3d modeling

An armchair modeling, a sofa modelling, a desk modeling, a table modelling – Aunar 3d employs versatile skills and abilities to offer

3d modeling service

That type of service is an invaluable benefit for the furniture industry. A 3d model delivered on your website, which can be downloaded by other professional designers, responsible for selection of products for their reputable key clients. It’s possible to receive from Aunar 3d both a polygon mesh of a piece of furniture and a material, textures, which certainly invite designers – they can use in their work models prepared by Aunar 3d.
A great 3d model undeniably turns out a bargaining chip when you manage your online shop and need a perfect exposition of your goods – from furniture to clothing. No limits with organic or hard surfaces, with materials, textures and lighting – just get in touch with Aunar 3d.